Water damage and flooding

  • Flooding or water damage does not always need to result in a catastrophe. With the right expertise and the right handling of the water damage, it is possible to prevent a total catastrophe, which usually involves larges costs for time-consuming demolition and rebuilding work.

    We possess the knowledge and the equipment for dehumidifying various building constructions so that every case of water damage can be dried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. The goal when we design our dehumidifiers, turbines and auxiliary equipment is to dry water damage in a home as safely and silently so that the people in the house will not need to move out during the drying process. This is something that can be invaluable since prompt action must be taken when water damage occurs.

    We collaborate closely with our customers across Europe to promote the exchange of experience and knowledge so that we can constantly improve our products and methods for damage drying.

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