Room dehumidification

  • A dehumidifier is placed in a room where the damage occurred. The dehumidifier blows dry air into the whole room, which dries all the surfaces. A good primary action before installing a more in depth drying method When drying in areas where sensitive materials or objects are located that could be damaged by low RH or by a quick reduction of the RH, the dehumidification process should be controlled using a humidistat connected to the dehumidifier. There are humidistat sockets on all Corroventa dehumidifiers. To increase the airflow and speed of the drying process, a type AX3000 fan can be used.

    For major disasters or temporary damp problems in factories, power stations, blasting halls or similar, larger dehumidifiers can be used, including trailered units. Dehumidifiers of this size can supply up to 10,000 m3 dry air per hour and remove around 1000 l water/day. The dry air can then be distributed with successively smaller and smaller pipe junctions to the different damaged areas. When the dehumidifier is located on a trailer it is always ready to be deployed quickly to wherever the catastrophe has occurred.

Products that can be used for room dehumidification