Construction dehumidification

A new shopping centre is being built here.

  • In investigations regarding damage claims in connection with newly built properties, the largest proportion of damage has been caused by moisture due to insufficient drying during the construction process. With the right knowledge and the correct procedures, drying becomes a simple and natural part of the construction process, which ensures both a rapid building tempo and high quality.

    Solution: This construction company has rented its equipment from Corroventa. They are using mobile adsorption dehumidifier A50 TD2, which is ideal for building dehumidification or renovations. In addition, they have had fast and personalised support from Corroventa’s expert staff.

Bed bugs

Oh no! The hotel has been infested with bed bugs!

  • Bed bugs have become a problem across the whole of Europe and they can be difficult to eradicate. For a hotel this can be catastrophic. Pest control decontamination must be carried out quickly and discretely before the bed bugs and the reputation can spread.

    Solution: Corroventa’s H4 ES decontamination system quickly and efficiently elimenates the small, unpleasant parasites. The system can be quickly and discretely installed and then connected to Corroventa’s SuperVision®. It gives you full control of the decontamination process, wherever you are.

    The system works quickly, quietly, without chemicals and without the risk of the bed bugs spreading to other rooms.



  • After a few days of rain, the river water level beside a residential area has risen and several houses have been flooded. Quick action is needed! A fast response minimizes damage.

    Solution: Condensing driers are often good solutions because they do not require extensive installation. Corroventa’s K5 ES HP PX driers can be installed in all the affected houses and be set-up so that the drying process can be monitored and controlled via SuperVision®. This eliminates long travel times and allows you to monitor all affected households remotely. This also optimises the drying results because you have full control of the drying process wherever you may be.

Attic dehumidification

Demand controlled ventilation in the attic.

  • When this house was being built, a ventilation system was installed to prevent moisture problems in the attic.
    Incorrect ventilation, excessive or insufficient, can lead to damp problems and in the worst cases unhealthy living conditions.

    Solution: VentoVindTM is Corroventa’s system for demand controlled attic ventilation. It ensures that the attic is only ventilated when necessary. Demand controlled ventilation is excellent for damp affected areas and also saves energy.
    The house owner can easily control and monitor VentoVindTM through the wireless HomeVision Pro® control panel.

Crawl space dehumidification

Problems with damp in the crawl space.

  • Damp can lead to more serious problems such as mould, fungal attack, odours and in the worst case unhealthy living conditions.
    For the house owner it is important to find a reliable product that protects the house and its occupants. However, the house owner also requires energy efficiency and reliability.

    Solution: An adsorption dehumidifier is the optimum solution for a crawl space. Corroventa’s crawl space dehumidifier, CTR 300TT2, has been specially developed for use in crawl spaces where the demand for energy efficiency, reliability and a long service life are great.

Radon decontamination

Radon in the home.

  • Radon is a radioactive gas that is invisible to the naked eye and completely odourless.
    You have carried out a radon detection test and, unfortunately, have detected that radon has leaked into the house foundations. This has caused increased radon levels that are harmful to health. The owner of the newly acquired summer cottage is understandably worried.

    Solution: Corroventa’s RS 100 and RS 400 radon extractors are specifically designed for radon decontamination and are safe and efficient.

Dehumidification after fire

Oh dear, how awful!

  • There was a fire, but thankfully all the people and pets have managed to get out unharmed and the Fire Brigade have the fire under control.

    When the fire has been extinguished it is important that a drying process is started immediately. Corrosive smoke deposits that are often created in a fire with high humidity from the fire fighting can have a very negative effect on all types of metal surfaces and electronics.

    Solution: Start emergency response drying with Corroventa’s CTR 1000LKV, which is an adsorption dehumidifier with an integrated air cooled condenser. It is ideal for emergency response drying and building dehumidification because it is easy to get started without any advanced installation.


It is urgent!

  • Because of heavy rain, large parts of Europe are under water. There is a massive and urgent demand for powerful driers.

    Solution: Corroventa has over 10,000 machines in its rental park, in depots at several locations in Europe. This truck is en route with a large load of adsorption dehumidifiers, condensing driers and water separators and will be delivering machines to Corroventa’s customers working within the flooded areas shortly.

    The faster the reaction, the smaller the scale of the damage.

Water damage

Accident in the corridor.

  • The Headmaster got a bit of a shock when she came to work this morning. Some rascals blocked the waste pipe of a washbasin before they left school yesterday and during the night a whole corridor filled with water.

    Solution: The sooner drying measures are put into place, the greater the chance of minimising the extent of the damage and shortening the drying time. Otherwise, the damage can cause large additional costs and time consuming demolition, drying and rebuilding work. Start emergency response drying with Corroventa’s condensing drier K3 HP. It is ideal for emergency response drying and building dehumidification because it is easy to get started without any advanced installation.


Risk of damp damage.

  • Cars that got wet in the last rain shower are parked in the garage and evaporate moisture. There is a risk of damp damage inside the garage, and increased risk of rust on the cars. You need to find a solution that is efficient at eliminating damp and that works well in unheated premises.

    Solution: Corroventa’s adsorption dehumidifier, A4 ES X, with its auxiliary heater is the optimum solution for the unheated premises.

Water damage

A water pipe has frozen and burst.

  • A frozen water pipe has burst and caused water damage to one of the apartments.

    Solution: Install Corroventa’s adsorption dehumidifier, A4 ES X, which, thanks to its integrated auxiliary heater, functions optimally in the vacant or unheated apartment. Connect the adsorption dehumidifier to SuperVision® so that you have full control over the drying wherever you are. Ideal because access to the apartment is difficult and you can control the de-humidifier remotely to switch in to silent modes when necessary to minimise the disturbance to adjoining property occupiers.

Moisture control technicians at the bus stop

“It is dry now, I am switching off.”

  • You are standing at the bus stop, on the way home from work. You have logged into Corroventa’s SuperVision® and checked all your ongoing assignments.
    You see that the machines that you installed in an office the previous week have completed the drying and you switch them off from your mobile phone. They do not need to keep operating unnecessarily and waste energy and money.
    At the same time you notice that the settings at another drying job need to be adjusted. You can also do this from your mobile phone.
    Excellent – you have managed to control several of your drying assignments in a few minutes while waiting for the bus.

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