Product launch – all new L4!

Adsorption dehumidifier with an integrated, air-cooled condenser



    Imagine a dehumidifier that gives extremely dry air with an additional heat supply and no need to vent the wet air – all of this can be found in Corroventa’s new L4, in a compact and powerful format!

    The principle

    L4 is an adsorption dehumidifier with a built-in, air-cooled condenser. The principle for the drying occurs through adsorption but unlike an adsorption dehumidifier, water is being removed by condensation and pumped out and therefore no wet air needs to be evacuated. This makes the machine easy to install and useful in areas where evacuation of wet air is not possible. At the same time, you benefit from the adsorption dehumidifier’s dry air and fine performance in lower temperatures.

    Additional heat energy

    Energy that is being consumed during the condensation process will bring additional heat energy to the room or to be targeted to dry the damp material. The temperature of the dry air is higher than with a regular adsorption dehumidifier. This means that all electrical energy that the L4 consumes to dehumidify the air and additional heat from the condensation process makes the machine suitable for dehumidification also in cold spaces. It is also ideal for construction dehumidification and emergency response. The L4 gives you benefits from both an adsorption- and a condensing dryer in a small format.

    Smart details of the highest quality

    Just like all other Corroventa machines, it is made with carefully selected parts of the highest quality and developed the machine with the user in focus. The L4 has a chassis made of high strength steel and together with a MID-approved digital display (ES-model) and an aluminum condenser we can assure the highest quality and a long product life. L4 is available with or without wheels and foldable handle and in analogue or ES-versions. Just like the other members of the ES-family, L4 ES is compatible with SuperVision.


    “Our customers have expressed a need to be able to use adsorption technique and thus facing the problem where evacuation of the wet air is complex or even impossible.

    We are therefore proud to present the L4-series. With the compact but powerful design and smart control system, it is the ideal choice for numerous applications, from temporary water damages to climate control in cold spaces.”

    Per Ekdahl, CEO and R&D Manager at Corroventa

    Benefits of the L4:

    • Ideal for pressure drying, especially negative
    • Outlets and dampers that allow the connection of dry air hoses to the machine, to optimally distribute the dry air
    • Water is being removed by condensation – no need to evacuate wet air
    • Condensation process also supplies extra heat energy that can be targeted to dry the material
    • Works great even in lower temperatures
    • Small and compact
    • Stackable
    • Available with wheels and foldable handle for maximum user friendliness (L4 HPW and L4 ES HPW)
    • Aluminum condenser for highest quality and long life
    • Chassis made of high strength steel