Service & warranty

  • If you need help to select a product or implementing an installation contact us and we will be happy to help you find the optimum solution. Please have the product no./serial no. to hand when contacting Corroventa, so that we can help in the most effective way. On all machines there is a type plate with a serial number, usually located in front of the filter or on the outside of the machine.



    Do you have questions regarding an installation, require help selecting a machine or material and the information is not in the installation instructions that we have provided? Do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can help you.


    Corroventa products have a two year warranty as standard

    We know that quality and operational reliability are appreciated by our customers. All products from Corroventa have a machine warranty of at least 2 years for any design, material or manufacturing fault in the product. It is possible to extend the warranty period on certain products for fixed installation.

    What is not covered by the warranty
    • Corroventa’s warranty only covers the original fault. It does not include consumable articles such as filters, etc. The warranty does not cover the following:
    • Dropping, transport damage or other external impact
    • Repairs of products that have been incorrectly installed
    • Repairs of products that do not have serial numbers or proof of purchase
    • Repairs of products that have been filled with water during flooding
    • Repairs to machines that have been modified incorrectly and without approval from Corroventa
    • Retrieval of machine
    • Freight costs to Corroventa

    What do I do if a product breaks?

    If you questions or a problem regarding a product call Corroventa. Always have the product’s serial number and a short description of the fault to hand when contacting us. On all machines there is a type plate with a serial number, usually located in front of the filter or on the outside of the machine. If the fault cannot be rectified over the phone the product might need to be returned but that will happen by agreement over the telephone.

    Any warranty repairs must be carried out by Corroventa’s service workshop. Before reporting a fault or making a claim for your product we request that you read through the user instructions and, if possible, check that all the settings are correct. Contact us to establish the source of the fault and decision regarding remedial action. This is to prevent products with no faults being brought in for servicing. If possible, always use the original packaging if the product must be transported. Transport companies do not compensate damage resulting from the product being inadequately packed. To simplify fault-tracing, a thorough explanation of the fault must be provided with the machine.

    Transport costs

    Freight to and from Corroventa is paid by the customer. If the product is covered by the warranty, Corroventa stands for the freight cost of returning it to the customer.