Product development

Corroventa combines the force of innovation with 30 years of experience within the field of water damage restoration. Ideas are born out of the reality of our customers, often where accidents have occurred. Finding clever and efficient solutions that make our customers’ working days more efficient is a driving force for us.

Here are some examples of how we work when we develop a product.

  • All our product development and all our technical innovations have a clear goal: To create the best profitability for our customers.

    Our customers have always been the starting point of our product development. With 30 years’ experience and a continuous dialogue with those who use our products on a daily basis, we know which solutions make it easier for a moisture control technician in his or her daily work, which lead to saved time and more profitability.


  • Our products must complete a drying task as fast as possible, using as little energy as possible.

    They must also be as compact and quiet as possible. This is best for drying results, overall economy and the environment.

  • High quality is a hallmark of Corroventa’s products and we do not compromise on that.

    Our products must work effectively and energy efficiently for many years. They have a robust design that can withstand rough handling in tough environments.
    To ensure quality, we carry out development and manufacturing close to us, at the factory in Bankeryd, Sweden. The machines are checked and quality assured at each stage of the production process. This creates the high quality level that is a hallmark of Corroventa’s products.

We equip the products with clever details and functions that have huge significance to the user.

  • Wind the cable around the handle and secure it against the panel with a magnet.

  • The pull handle can be folded. This means that two people can lift the machine. In addition, it is stackable.

  • The corners and feet of the machine are made of rubber. Therefore, there is no risk of leaving drag marks on the floor.

  • The ES products with control panel have a user friendly interface.

  • The products have been designed with flexible dry air distribution.

  • The machines are stackable in order to make the logistics as easy and efficient as possible.