Corroventa's history

Corroventa was founded in 1985

Corroventa was founded by Dr. Knut Claesson. His passion for dehumidification technology and, specifically, for using it to develop new products and techniques within the field of drying damp and water damage was the initial driving force behind the company’s operations.
The first product to be launched caused a breakthrough in the market, because it was simple, extremely user friendly and had a unique patented drying process that significantly reduced the drying time for water damage. Early on, Knut Claesson established a close collaboration with customers around Europe that also affected the development of Corroventa’s products.

Image: Corroventa’s founder Knut Claesson with a combi machine.


The Volati group

Since 2007, Corroventa has been owned by the Volati group. Volati is an industrial investor that acquires small and medium sized industrial enterprises and develops them through active ownership. Volati has specialised in helping contractors, founders and owners during the generation changeover. Volati is a down-to-earth company that takes active responsibility for the subsidiary companies it owns. Volati acquires companies to develop them – not to sell them.

Volatilogga 10cm

Milestones in Corroventa’s 30 year history


We celebrate our 30th anniversary and launch SuperVision®, which marks the start of a new era in dehumidification. SuperVision® is used to control and monitor the drying process via computer, mobile phone or tablet and is a revolutionary innovation.


The ES family, that consists of a new generation of energy efficient, intelligent and powerful machines is launched.


Corroventa starts its own production of condensing dryers.


VentoVindTM is launched, Corroventa’s system for demand controlled attic ventilation.


HomeVision®, our system for control the climate in crawl spaces and attics, is launched.


Corroventa begins its geographic expansion. The company now has subsidiaries in six european countries.


Corroventa is acquired by Volati, an industrial investor that acquires small and medium sized industrial enterprises and develops them through active ownership.


Corroventa starts sales of products to reduce radon levels in houses.


CTR 300XT is launched. It has the same capacity as the CTR 200 from 1988, but is much smaller in size and only weighs 16 kg.


Corroventa is first on the market to sell dehumidifiers for crawl spaces.


Premiere of the Combi machine, once again Corroventa is the first to bring a combi machine to the market.


Corroventa launches the CTR 200, the first portable and user friendly dehumidifier. It weighs 22 kg and has a capacity of 22 l/24 hours.


Corroventa was founded by Knut Claesson in Bankeryd, Sweden.