Work more efficiently with an ergonomic design

  • You can work more efficiently with machines that are easy to use and move.

    In a development project we always start with the customer’s requirements. This means that we also look at how our machines are used and how they can simplify the work for users, through intelligent and ergonomic design. The new generation of products is the result of 30 years’ experience in the industry and close communication with those of you that use our products on a daily basis.

    An ergonomic design is not just a condition of the moisture control technicians avoiding back and wear injuries; Intelligent details that simplify work save time and thereby money for our customers.


Smart details for a more ergonomic approach

  • Design that is kind to the body

    The machine has a narrow design; a narrow machine is closer to the body when lifted and therefore kinder to the body.
    The smaller machines have a folding, easy-grip handle.

  • Different lifting options

    The larger machines are equipped with a pull handle.

  • Work together

    The pull handle on the larger machines can be folded down, so that two people can lift it when necessary.

  • Easy to carry

    Because the machines are often carried up stairs our products are short. Rounded, soft plastic corners that do not rub clothes or the body.

  • Low weight

    We always aim to design machines that have as low a weight as possible. Larger machines, that weigh more than 20 kg, are equipped with large wheels and a pull handle for easier movement.

  • No tripping over the cable

    Wind it around the handle and secure it against the panel with the magnet.