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House and property owners:


  • 2. You protect your house from damage and contamination.

    One of the commonest causes of negative influences in residential environments, which can lead to serious damage and costs, is damp, odour and radon. A healthy house is free of mould, odour and moisture.

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  • 3. We work with professional dealers and installers.

    We know that thorough knowledge is required for an installation to be correct and suitable for your house. That is why our products are designed for professional use.


  • 4. High quality is a hallmark of Corroventa’s products.

    To ensure quality, we carry out development and manufacturing close to us, at the factory in Bankeryd, Sweden. The machines are checked and quality assured at each stage of the production process. This creates the high quality level that is a hallmark of Corroventa’s products.

    The products are also efficient and energy saving – good for the environment and your bills.


  • 5. Corroventa’s HomeVision gives you full control of the moisture status in the attic or crawl space.

    You control the drying through a control panel in the accommodation.

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